We develop, produce, and sell technical solutions for handling slurry. Our technical foundation is the well-known slurry equipment from AP Gyllevogne and Kimadan.

Our base is Danish, but our vision is global. We want to sell our products all over the world via exclusive distributors with high level of customer service. AP-K is owned by XL Management and Thyregod A/S.

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A strong alliance

AP-K wants to combine the strength from several brands and developed technical solutions according to needs and requirements from farmers and entrepreneurs all over the world.  

We focus on our customers

Please call if you need parts or service and if you want to know more about our products and services.

AP Slurry tankers

AP started to produce high level slurry equipment more than 20 years ago. We continue the tradition of developing and producing innovative solutions of high Danish quality for rational handling of slurry and efficient logistic solutions.

AP Slurry trailers

We produce slurry trailers for your specific needs. The typical trailer is a 34 or 38 m3 trailer with 3 or 4 axles. The set-up of pumps, cranes and other equipment is designed to meet your local needs.

Mobile buffer containers

Rational handling of slurry is a question about efficient logistic. In many cases it makes sense to use a buffer tank or container at the side of the road. Then you have clean and fast transportation at one side and efficient use of your slurry tanker in the field. We produce mobile contaniners up to 108 m3. 


Kimadan has a long track record of producing robust and user-friendly slurry equipment for farmers in Denmark and many other countries. The slurry tankers are simple, robust and has a long lifetime. You can get them from 12 – 24 m3.

AP-K profile

Logistic solutions for handling of slurry.

Based on Danish technology, our expertise and your local needs we develop and produce slurry tankers, slurry trailers, mobile buffer containers and implements for rational handling of slurry.

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