AP Slurry trailer

AP Slurry tankers

AP-K supplies complete slurry trailers up to 38 m3. Our trailers are as standard produced as self-supporting trailers with three or four axles with BPW drum brakes. They are normally fitted with a self-loading crane, which can be operated by a wireless Scanrego remote controller.

AP-K trailers are fitted as standard with a 10’’ filling hose and can be supplied with ex. a Vogelsang displacement pump, which pumps 6000–9000 l/min. Many of our customers have special requests and we are also open for converting your needs into technical solutions.

34 m³ with 3-axle chassis

38 m³ with 4-axle chassis



AP GT Gylletrailere

AP Slurry tankers and technology

AP Gülletechnik

AP Gödselvagnar och teknik