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AP-K supplies complete slurry trailers up to 38 m3. Our trailers are as standard produced as self-supporting trailers with three or four axles with BPW drum brakes. They are normally fitted with a self-loading crane, which can be operated by a wireless Scanrego remote controller.

AP-K trailers are fitted as standard with a 10’’ filling hose and can be supplied with ex. a Vogelsang displacement pump, which pumps 6000–9000 l/min. Many of our customers have special requests and we are also open for converting your needs into technical solutions.

34 m³ with 3-axle chassis

38 m³ with 4-axle chassis

Get your own liquid manure trailer - it pays off

Some liquid manure needs to be transported from place to place, while others must be spread in the fields and utilized to the fullest extent. It's all about logistics and optimizing capacity utilization.

We are witnessing a growing interest in liquid manure trailers among farmers with multiple production sites and long distances between farm tanks and fields. They purchase their own liquid manure trailer to "transport manure," which allows for faster transportation and fewer issues with legal restrictions on axle weight and road congestion. Additionally, they save on expenses like diesel and tire wear, as trailers are significantly more cost-effective to operate compared to tractor towing. Ultimately, they achieve higher capacity with specialized manure equipment in the fields.

We would like to create your next custom trailer

At AP-K, we value close collaboration with our customers in the development of custom trailers tailored to their specific purposes and requirements.

Here is an example of a trailer we have designed and manufactured for BCT Grindsted, which frequently handles sewage sludge and similar materials. This requires a unique pump setup to handle a variety of tasks depending on the material's composition.

We are never too far away to maintain an ongoing dialogue about the challenges. Feel free to give us a call for a non-committal conversation about the possibilities and limitations.



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