AP Slurry tankers

AP Slurry Tankers are designed to optimize the value of slurry throughout the entire chain, from the slurry tank to the field. They are constructed to handle tasks such as quick loading, safe transport, and precise spreading, ensuring that both contractors and farmers derive maximum benefit from the tanker and its technology.

We aim to combine user-friendly operation with comfort and precise efficiency during work by listening to the ever-changing needs of the market and translating them into technical solutions that add value for everyone.

AP Slurry Tankers - Quality for professional users

AP slurry tankers are typically used by agricultural contractors and farmers who have high demands for productivity and low operating costs. They are available in sizes ranging from 15 to 37 cubic meters and can be equipped with either bogie or tridem axles with tire configurations to suit specific needs. In Denmark, most of the tankers are equipped with either an 8 or 10-inch loading arm with an additional articulated joint for easy access to tanks with coverings.

Quality is a key principle in the production of an AP Slurry Tanker. For instance, all tanks are sandblasted both inside and outside before being coated with a special epoxy paint on the inside and primed twice on the outside before receiving two coats of a two-component paint. This ensures the highest possible durability. The same principle applies to all other components. The quality must be top-notch.

AP X-Line

AP X-Line is a complete, innovative slurry tanker with focus on user friendliness, high capacity, limited power needs, high reliability and longevity.
You recognize AP X-Line on

  • Compact design that makes it easy to get around at the farm, on the road and out in the field.
  • Large loading capacity via a 10” crane with optimal flow (12-14 m³ per minute).
  • Precise filling via digital pressure gauge in the tank.
  • Specially developed loading crane with hydraulic extension
  • Powerful unloading pump (12-14 m³ per minute).
  • Integrated lift with 8 tons lifting capacity.
  • Relatively low power requirements thanks to the use of up to 38” wheels.

AP Slurry Tanker - 2-axle

AP Slurry Tanker - 3-axle

Inside the AP product portfolio you find rational and solutions for your challenges with slurry.

AP hose boom

AP slæbeslangebomme leveres fra 12 – 36 meter med fast eller hydraulisk ophæng (dog ikke 12 m fast). De er monteret på meget kraftig, bevægelig bagramme, der løftes og sænkes med hydrauliske cylindre. Hæve-cylindrene er monteret flydeophængt, hvilket bevirker, at slangebommen følger terrænet, selvom vognen arbejder i kuperet terræn eller passerer en ujævnhed.

AP downspouts

AP Sortjordsnedfældere er robuste redskaber med en række indløsende fordele, der sikrer grundig jordbearbejdning, nøjagtig nedfældning og høj udnyttelse af gyllen. Standardbredderne er typisk 6 meter (23 tænder), 7 meter (28 tænder) og 8 meter (31 tænder), men bredere typer kan leveres efter ordre.


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AP Slurry tankers

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