Kimadan 2.022

The new generation of Kimadan slurry tankers

Hvem siger at alle gyllevogne skal være kæmpestore? Nogle landmænd får næsten ”ondt i maven”, når de mange tons i de helt store gylletræk kører hen over deres marker – andre foretrækker kapacitet og hastighed. 
Til de første har AP-K opgraderet Kimadan-vognene og tilført en topmoderne multimediestyring med sektionskontrol osv. 

One system provider – reliable, service-friendly, and efficient

It is AP-K's strategy to collaborate with recognized European system providers to make the wagons as reliable and service-friendly as possible. For the Kimadan 2.022, Bosch Rexroth provides both electrical and hydraulic controls and valves. While service technicians may primarily appreciate the technical advantages of dealing with a single supplier, drivers will undoubtedly notice the new user interface the most. Kimadan utilizes a multimedia screen with an intuitively understandable control interface featuring an illuminated display with numbers, symbols, and graphics.

Reliable and durable

Kimadan wagons have always had a reputation for being extremely durable. Therefore, the new model is also delivered with a robust surface treatment consisting of an internal epoxy coating, while externally it is primed twice and then given two layers of paint. If desired, the Kimadan 2.022 can be delivered with a galvanized tank.