Kimadan has a long track record of producing robust and user-friendly slurry equipment for farmers in Denmark and many other countries. The slurry tankers are simple, robust and has a long lifetime. You can get them from 12 – 24 m3. 
In the Kimadan brand we also produce pumps, implements and a wide range of slurry mixers.

Slurry tankers

Kimadan has a long history of producing robust and user-friendly slurry equipment for farmers all over the world. Now Kimadan is a fully integrated brand in AP-K.
The tankers are known for their simple, robust construction with galvanized tanks and has a long lifetime. You can get them from 12 – 24 m3 with 1, 2 or 3 axles and the technical equipment you need.

With a Kimadan slurry trailer you get a cost friendly solution that will satisfy the needs for many farmers. Give us a call and let us find the right solution for you.


8000 l – 15000 l


15000 l – 20000 l


20000 l – 24000 l

Crane pump

for slurry tankers

Slurry pump

Our slurry pumps can meet the challenges on your farm. We have pumps for all kind of slurry – from thin-flowing liquids to heavy slurry. We split our programm in 4 categories, but give us a call about the possibilities.

Developed in Denmark based on a tradition for quality, reliability and long lifetime

Slurry mixers

Kimadan slurry mixers are available in many versions and can satisfy the needs on many farms and as a transportable unit by contractors. We have models for small farms and heavy duty Kimadan Megamixres. Look at the standard versions below and give us a call. We can change the standards to meet your requests.

FieldMaster injectors

AP-K wants to contribute to solve the need for reusing valuable nutrition resources for the benefit of both the environment and the farmers economy. We develop and produce implements with high accuracy and capacity to meet the target.

FieldMaster injectors are as standard available in 6 and 8 meter versions. Thanks to a high frame they can work in fields with many residues from old crops. The injector is split into 3 sections with rollers. All sections are with suspension and hydraulic depth adjustment

Kimadan drip hose booms

With drip hose booms you combine the needs for high capacity and accuracy. The Kimadan booms are standard from 12 – 24 m wide, but you can get AP-K booms up to 36 meters!  
The Kimadan type work via 50mm hoses placed with a distance of 33 cm. 
The boom structure is very robust thanks to a special trapeze design and the dimensions of steel used. The booms are normally galvanized.

Also the distributor is designed for high capacity. It distribute app. 6.500 l slurry pr. minute and has 4 sharp blades to cut straw and other stuff in the slurry. 
Kimadan drip hose booms gives you high capacity but low costs!